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  • New talent entering the PR industry remain ambiguous about career aims

    With a host of career options available to choose from in the communications sphere, new talent entering the PR industry is ambiguous of their aim. You have to worship any profession for a minimum of three years to make a mark in the industry and that is what is challenging in today’s scenario.

  • PR Education

    How to choose a PR degree? Students always wonder if a PR degree is really needed to further their career in PR. This is debatable. There are senior directors, owners of leading agencies who never did a PR course in their entire

  • What to expect

    Cross cultural PR issues, Expert interviews, Student interviews, Blogs and opinion articles, Latest news and trends in international PR, Use of Social media across cultures, Expert interviews, PR course reviews, Career advice

  • Share your story – write for PRBuddy

    PRBuddy hopes to become a portal for knowledge and information sharing about PR education across the world. More importantly we aim to break the myths around PR education and its significance. The PR industry in the UK

  • What We Do

    PRbuddy offers engagement with global trends. We aim to find answers to crucial questions such as “Is there a need to a PR degree in today’s world to forge a career in PR” and “What are the pain points for graduates in different


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